One of my practices is to work to increase net-gratitude in my life. That means I look for areas of resentment or potential resentment and work to resolve or avoid it, while at the same time looking for opportunities to give and receive gratitude.

All of that to say that I want to live in a gratitude based economy that isn't about taking and hoarding money as a way for people to prove they are more valuable than other people. I want to use money as a tool to take care of myself and other people. I want to see money as one of the potential conduits for gratitude in my life that I can freely give and receive.

If you are grateful for anything I've said or done and would like to express your gratitude to me, I'm always open to handwritten letters (message me for my address). I'm grateful for the chance to collaborate with amazing people where I add my skills and they add theirs and we create a greater-sum of beauty, joy, and delight in the world. I'm also grateful for the chance to live indoors (with roommates in Portland) and enjoy the wonders of modern technology.

Gratitude Tips 

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